Full Service Pre-to-Post Health Safety Monitoring for Events

Safe Expo offers pre-event, onsite, and post-event health monitoring services which will provide peace of mind for show organizers and their registrants. Below is a list of offerings which can be integrated into events of any size.

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The Safe Expo Program || Where Events & Safety Meet™

Event veterans, in partnership with medical professionals, have developed a program to identify potential illness outbreaks at the earliest possible moment. Our goal is to help bring a sense of safety back to meetings allowing Show Organizers and their attendees to get back to business.
Pre-Event Health Safety
The Safe Expo Team will contact the following entities for current health safety protocols and identify what is relevant for your group:
  • All contracted facilities and venues (conventions center / hotels)
  • Work with the CVB for local business requirements
  • Notify the local health department of group meeting and profile
  • We will develop a health safety strategy plan with the information collected from your venues. Our team will work with show management to identify requirements that are relevant to the group.
  • Provide support and guidance on how to best execute the Safe Expo Program onsite.
  • Assist with the development of pre-event collateral and communication plan for distribution to registered attendees outlining onsite health safety procedures and what to expect
  • Provide promotional/informational collateral for use in session openers and attendee show guides or handouts
  • Onsite Health Safety
  • Health Safety Liaison will monitor execution of Health Safety strategy plan and maintain contact with all facilities. Strategy plan will be revised or updated if any onsite situations arise and communicated back to show management for approval/implementation.
  • Safety Ambassador will coordinate the onsite communication of the Health Safety Program and keep attendees informed on the program and how it works. Registrants will be encouraged to self-report post-show if they present with any symptoms or illness after leaving the event.
  • Provide a daily report of attendee inquiries and updates from all facilities
  • Post Show Monitoring
  • Provide a post-show summary of our onsite Health Safety Strategy Plan findings
  • Post-show contact with attendees to continue promotion of the Safe Expo Program and explain procedure for post-show monitoring / self-reporting
  • Health monitoring of registrants, up to four weeks post-show, to identify if anyone is ill or presenting symptoms
  • If notified of any illness, we will work with show management to coordinate communication to all participants and help with the notification to venues and local health departments
  • Vaccination Verification Program

    As new safety measures are being introduced around the meetings and events industry, events may be asked to collect and track registrant health information under state, local, and/or venue mandates. To help simplify the process,  SafeExpo has launched a mobile-based vaccination verification program designed to help show management collect important health safety information from their registrants. Upon upload, an email confirmation will be sent allowing the registrant to save the "Safe Pass"  for quick access once they arrive to the event space.

    Click here to demo the Safe Expo Health Attestation Program.

    Additional Offerings

    Social Distance

    Safe Expo will help monitor the customer density of your event locations to ensure that the social-distancing measures you adopt are followed. How you safeguard your attendees and staff is now part of the overall customer experience and using our Safe Expo Program and friendly Floor Monitors will show your event participants that you are considering their overall health safety and well-being.

    • Our Safe Expo Floor Monitor(s) will work to review all floor plans for meeting rooms and exhibit space prior to the event to confirm that social distancing requirements and standards are being addressed in the initial set and reset of contracted space (*). Recommendations will be reviewed with show management, facilities and appropriate vendors or contractors should any adjustments be needed.
    • We work with contracted venues to capture any changes or updates that would directly affect your group.
    • During the run of the event onsite Floor Monitors will check all room sets to ensure established social distancing protocols are followed for all room resets. Will also work to ensure lines formed are spaced appropriately. Additional support can be provided to the Exhibit Hall Manager to ensure choke points in aisles are avoided and traffic flow is consistent and following established protocols.
    • Safe Expo Floor Monitors will work with attendees and assist with the learning curve and adhering to all event safety requirements and answer any questions they may have
    Temperature screen

    Temperature Screening

    Safe Expo can assist your organization with a temperature screening program by providing the equipment and staff required to keep your live event safe. In collaboration with the contracted EMT or Medical Professional, the first screening will be conducted by a Safe Expo representative. If an attendee temperature reads above the stated protocol high point, we will refer them to the 2nd stage (onsite triage area) established in our pre-show workup. Additional protocols specific to each group will be determined based on the goals and guidelines set forth by each organization.

    Covid-19 Testing

    Safe Expo carries CLIA certification as well as an NPI number for our mobile testing lab. All testing is conducted by a licensed medical professional. Safe Expo's certified Medical/Lab technician obtains each registrants specimen sample via nasal swab. Upon analysis, Safe Expo will email the results directly to the individual using our encrypted and password protected server. A printed version is available as well..

    About Safe Expo

    There’s Nothing More Important than Your Health

    Born in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Safe Expo offers pre-event health planning support, onsite implementation, and post-event health monitoring. In order for the events industry to get "back to business", organizations, meeting attendees, and vendors need assurances that their health and safety are a priority and attending will not put them at unnecessary risk. Led by event industry veterans, Safe Expo developed a robust monitoring program that captures potential outbreaks that could be sourced back to an event. In partnership with medical professionals, local and state health departments, our goal is to identify as early as possible if someone may have been exposed to an infected individual while attending a meeting or event.


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